A game drive at Hwange National Park

What a day! I am back at the camp and absolutely drained from today’s game drive at Hwange National Park. But there are a few things that i really want to write down before I crawl in my sleeping bag. Two things to be exact, both of them seen today during the drive.


Let’s start. So the first big thing that happened today was that we have finally seen lions. But not just one, it was a group of five. We were sitting in an observation tower next to the waterhole that you can see in the photos and were initially just looking at the herd of buffalos and some hippos that surfaced from time to time. But then suddenly the lions appeared and started to circle the buffalos. And for a while we thought we would soon become the witnesses of a hunt. But it came differently. One of the lions was not cautious enough and suddenly the herd of buffalos had closed in on him.


In the last second he managed to save himself by climbing up a tree. But the buffalos encircled the tree so that he was caught up there. The other lions were all still close by, but obviously were not able to help. It took more than an hour until the buffalo herd finally moved and the lion could get back down. Even though I knew before that buffalos were pretty dangerous I was not prepared to see a situation like that, were the buffalos actually triumph over predators like those lions. It was also really fascinating how intelligent the herd has reacted and how they have been staying so close together to keep save.


Now to a view that has been quite shocking. What you can see in the photo is the remains of a dead elephant surrounded by a venue of vultures. It is definitely a sad sight and the atmosphere when we were driving closer was a bit scary, not to forget the incredibly strong smell of decay, but still it had some fascination in it’s own way. It just is a part of the circle, i guess.

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