A night out in Cairns

We have had a pretty wild night last night, celebrating our first day in Australia. As a guest of Gilligan’s you get a free dinner with the first alcoholic drink that you purchase at their bar. We went there to try it out but didn’t expect too much to be honest, but the food (I had pasta Bolognese) was surprisingly good. After dinner we had some more drinks at the outside bar area, where a live band was playing. Quite early, at around 10 pm it started getting really crowded in the club. Mostly backpackers, but also locals started to go crazy on the dancefloor. It was lots of fun but after a while we really enjoyed the possibility to go up some stairs in the club and get in a smaller club/lounge area, called The Attic. There was a very good party atmosphere here as well, but much more civilized with less backpackers. The entrance to The Attic is free for all guests of Gilligan’s nightclub, that are complying to the dress code.

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