First day in Sydney

What an awesome day! After a little refresh at the hotel room we were ready to explore the city. And as we hoped the weather was great. Actually it was much more than what we were even hoping for: Extremely warm and sunny, without one cloud in the sky. Perfect conditions to go on a walk! As our hotel The Menzies Sydney was perfectly located, just a moment away from The Rocks, this was our first stop.


In a city now predominantly the product of late twentieth century urban redevelopment, the historic area of The Rocks provides an opportunity to experience an environment where buildings and public places of the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth-century still remain. It has been established shortly after the first formation of the colony and has back then had a reputation as a slum, often frequented by visiting sailors and prostitutes. This however has changed during the decades and today The Rocks are known for their unique restaurants, bars, art galleries and markets in a setting that reminded me a lot of european historic towns, rather than any place I have seen in Australia. We have been lucky to get there on a market day (every saturday and sunday) and had a little stroll around the pretty little market stands, while enjoying some fresh coconuts.


We proceeded our walk to the massive Harbour Bridge, along busy Circular Quay to the Opera House, where we had a drink at the Opera Bar: a casual, riverfront bar and certainly a great spot with the scenery of the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney River surrounding it.


If you are a Sydney newbie, I can highly recommend you to start off your stay by doing this walk, as it is the perfect opportunity to combine stunning panoramic views, phenomenal sightseeing, vibrant entertainment areas and some unique spots for having a meal (or just a drink). Also, imperatively do this part of the city on foot, rather than trying to get around with public transport or a tourist bus. All of the spots I have been mentioning are within a short walking distance from each other and you get a much better feeling for the beauty and atmosphere of this gorgeous area.


After taking some photos at the opera House, we started to slowly make our way back to the hotel, in order to get ready for the Grand Finals later in the day. We stopped over at The Rocks where we had the most delicious seafood platter at a place called The Argyle. This truly special Sydney venue offers great, high- quality cuisine and life music played in the courtyard outside-area during the day and transforms into a bustling nightlife spot as it gets later. We absolutely loved the historic feel of this place and the atmosphere that was created through combining it with a uniquely modern take on the interior design and lighting. Definitely a must-visit when in Sydney!


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